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Ginny Scales-Medeiros
Ginny Scales Medeiros was raised in upstate New York and now resides in the San Francisco North Bay. Ginny is an entrepreneur with multiple patents/trademarks. Ginny's product widely sold in World Class spa resorts and on QVC, made appearances on NBC, CBS, FOX News and written about in many national magazines. This is Ginny’s first novel. “What Is Normal?” made the 2012 top 40 most inspirational list in Gladys Magazine. Scales-Medeiros has been on radio and TV, talking about her book, most recently on ABC’s morning show, “Believe in Yourself.” Currently, Ginny’s focus is on landing a movie deal for the screenplay, “WIN”, based on her novel, “What Is Normal?” Ginny is a co-author of “What is the Electric Car?” along with many celebrities. An animal lover, on her own at 15, finishing only the 9th grade, Ginny’s intention is to motivate and inspire people to remember their God-given gifts and talents and use them. Ginny believes that “Thoughts become Things” and EVERYTHING counts. 

Ginny's Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ginny_Scales-Medeiros
Currently Ginny's focus is on landing a movie deal for the screenplay of her novel. 
"WIN" based on her novel "What Is Normal?" an inspiring character driven drama (think "The Little Engine That Could" for adults). Ginny is an animal lover and dabbles in real-estate, on her own at 15 finishing only the 9th grade her "intention to motivate and inspire people to remember their God given gifts & talent." and use them. "Thoughts become things" and EVERYTHING counts! 
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