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What is Normal for Sue... Should Not Be!

Ginny’s novel “What is Normal?” was featured on TV!

“What is Normal?” book trailer

Tap the video to watch, or check it out on youtube here:

Ginny’s new venture “Credit n Recovery” lands workshop contract with Pura Vida

Ginny’s vast experience and success in the credit world lands her a contract with Pura Vida to facilitate workshops called Credit n Recovery. Her hopes are to expand into the schools and the private sector. The workshops are about how credit works, steps to dig out for everyone, understanding your credit report, negotiating skills, and what Lenders and Landlords are looking for on an application.


For more info, visit the Credit n Recovery page here: Credit n Recovery

The unbelievable way award-winning producer Scott DuPont met Ginny

(Yes, he’s a real DuPont) and why he is on a mission to get Ginny’s story made into a MOVIE!

Sales, Culture, and Movie Production are the topics of today’s Take the Lead on the Dr Diane Hamilton show. The full podcast can be found here: 

“A powerful and thought-provoking interview” On the Cara Jones Speaks show

Ginny Scales-Medeiros redefines the idea of normal with this inspirational interview on Cara Jones Speaks. 

“New York Post” print and online talks about Ginny and What is Normal?

Sue buys her Wedding Dress, knowing she would return it after getting married…. in the book based on a true story.

Ginny quoted in “The Providence Journal” talking about the electric car

Ginny Scales-Medeiros, who said she hasn’t owned a gas-powered vehicle for close to 10 years: “I’ve never run out of juice once. And, I can always rent a car if I’m going on a long trip.”

“What is Normal?” Makes the top 10 at 2016 Napa Valley Film Festival Screenplay pitch competition…but trips at the finish line

Ginny crumbles after making it ALL the way to the finals…. but the Powerful story of Sue prevails

2-Celebrity “Green Carpet” Event

Hollywood/Producer/Director of Award Winning Documentary “What is the Electric car?” back in Santa Rosa New book release “What is the Electric Car?“ 79 Reasons to Drive Electric

12:00 -1:30 pm Lunch and Informative presentation 
Q&A featuring Authors Scott duPont & Ginny Scales-Medeiros. *New 100% Electric cars onsite. 
Flamingo Conference Resort & Spa, 2777 4th Street Santa Rosa, CA 
Price: 22$ Open to the public 
Hosted by “The Rotary Club of Santa Rosa”

6:30pm -7:40pm Film Screening: “What is The Electric Car?” 
Q&A to follow with Producer Scott duPont & local Cast member Ginny Scales Medeiros 
3rd Street Movie Cinema, 620 Third Street, Santa Rosa CA 
Price: FREE! (1st come first serve)

This exciting Rotary Club lunch event: “What is the Electric Car?” book release will also be a chance to see a display of some of the new 2015 electric vehicles, as well as some of the new “plug-in” hybrids all car manufacturers starting to offer. The event is open to the public (22$ includes lunch & parking). The special electric car display at the hotel entrance will feature cars & scooters provided by the Authors and local Santa Rosa dealerships. Author Scott duPont will speak about this emerging industry & answer questions. Local Santa Rosa resident & contributing Author Ginny Scales-Medieros will speak about her experience driving electric cars the past 7 years. 
Scales-Medeiros and duPont initially crossed paths in Detroit, MI almost 5 years ago when duPont’s film crew was at the International Auto Show shooting interviews for his film “What is the Electric Car?”. The producers interviewed Ginny in Detroit and she made the final cut of the movie. That chance encounter in a Detroit hotel elevator was documented in Ginny’s novel: “What is Normal?” which duPont’s company (Nemours Marketing, Inc.) signed a contract to take on the publishing rights. Scott duPont (President of Nemours & Publisher) was eager to partner with Ginny and move forward motivated by the lucrative potential of a movie deal for the adapted screenplay, “WIN”, and based on Ginny’s novel, “What Is Normal?” 
Also catch Scott & Ginny on Jun. 9 on KSRO radio “The Drive” for Q&A 3-6pm

Jilly’s Book Club Featuring “What is Normal?”

Windsor, California Book of the Month May 2015 

Jilly’s Book Club has selected “What is Normal?” by Ginny Scales Medeiros for their book of the month for May 2015! Selected books get sent for additional review by top reviewers in the country. 
A tragedy to triumph story of one woman’s struggle to live what she thought was a “normal” life and how she found a “real” life instead! 
For more about the book visit:

Book Signing At Copperfields Book store

This video was filmed during Ginny Scales Medeiros book signing at the Copperfields book store. She explains her inspiration, and a little bit about the story, and you can see all the people that came in to support and get their novels signed.

Talking about the automotive X-Prize with Flo from Progressive

Flo from Progressive interviews Ginny and Eric Peterson about Zap! car’s automotive X-Prize entry, a 3-wheeled all-electric vehicle known as “Alias”.