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Ginny Has Multiple Patents and Trademarks. One of her patents is a “sunless tanning system”.
Disclaimer: Ginny is the original inventor and received 2 patents for light responsive sunless tanning: United States Patent 5626839 and United States Patent 6,126,924 with Dr. Niteen Vaidya listed as co inventor  * This product is no longer available, it is part of her history*

The Flawless Tanning System

An Interview With Ginny About Her Sunless Tanning Invention

The Sunless Tanning System Story

Sue was working on her computer, researching all she could for her sunless tanning invention Sue knew that there had to be a way to create a sunless tanning formula without the added dyes and makeup. She herself didn t have time to lie in the sun, but liked a tan. She thought other busy moms must want a better way of getting a sunless tan, too. She also was aware that young people were still using tanning beds even knowing they caused cancer. Sue had bought clear sunless tanning products that you couldn t see while applying them and ended up with streaks. She had also bought the sunless products with dyes and bronzers that showed where she was applying them, but were messy and the dyes stained her sheets and clothes . Sue knew there was a market out there for sunless tanning products and had seen for herself the flaws in what was presently available which made her determined to create a sunless tanning product that was flawless. She spent hours and hours on the computer learning about different ingredients , different responsive compounds and how to get her idea patented She had gotten her idea while light at Disneyland When entering the park, they stamped her hand and the hands of her young children. Right there, Sue had a light bulb moment. She thought why not take the ingredient 1 all sunless tanning products, dihydroxyacetone. that is invisible when applying 1t and add a lght responsive ingredient that shows up under a special light. You could then see where you were applying your sunless product under the hand held light. If you missed a spot, you could fix it. No need for any added messy dyes or bronzers It Started in World Class Spa Resorts as “FLAWLESS”, Ginny is a free Agent and is Repurposing her patents to offer Blacklight Spraytanning for Top Night Clubs/Events or Echo Events “”No Added Dyes or Bronzers

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